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who we help

You want someone who understands your supplement brand’s challenges.

That’s why you’re here. And with more than 20 years of specializing in the supplement space, we have a good idea of what those challenges might be. Whether you are an established or legacy brand, or are looking for success as an emerging or pre-market startup, we know your challenges. In fact, we’ve identified patterns that dietary supplement brands fall into that you’ll probably see yourself in.

Through smart strategy, research and activation, we’re here to help you become a change-the-world supplement brand that gains attention and market share so you can change lives. And we have proven processes in place to help you get results.

Who We Help

  • Emerging Brands

    Emerging Brands

    If you’re an emerging supplement brand, you have little to no equity to lose. In fact, you need to think and act boldly and take calculated risks, otherwise you won’t make an impact.

    Learn how our process can position you for sustainable growth and increased market value.

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    • Know Your Consumer. Efficient, affordable and actionable. Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research.
    • Emerging Brand Launcher. You are passionate with a big idea. But you are not yet a compelling MVP brand that generates early demand and drives investment.
    • Emerging Brand Reset. You need to up your game in this crowded marketplace. Get prepared for a successful brand revitalization and move that sales needle.
  • Legacy Brands

    Legacy Brands

    If you’re a legacy supplement brand, your first responsibility is to protect your assets, rather than disrupt the market. You need to revitalize and stay relevant to the shifting marketplace while at the same time mitigate risk.

    Learn how our process can build loyalty and grow your market share.

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    • Legacy Rebrand. Reassess, realign, and reimagine. Maximize results while minimizing risks.
    • Consumer Research & Insights. Market research is only as effective as it is actionable. Use our Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ tool to drive growth, forecast with greater accuracy, motivate and engage new and old consumers.
    • Marketing Activation. Designed to fuel growth, from strategic and tactical marketing plans to visual and verbal activation to consumer campaign development to the decision-making tools of program measuring and reporting.