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Legacy Brands

The quality of your outcomes is rooted in the strength of our process.

Legacy supplement brands share common challenges. How many or how extreme they are determines how big the need is for a redefined brand strategy.

We know your challenges because we work exclusively with dietary supplement and functional food brands. Since 1999, we have led business-transforming strategies for dozens of leading dietary supplement brands including Gaia Herbs, MegaFood (acquired by Pharmavite), Nature’s Sunshine, NeoCell (acquired by Clorox), Nordic Naturals, Standard Process and Persona Nutrition (acquired by Nestlé Health Science).

Minimize Risks, Maximize Results

Whether your sales are flat, you worry about your relevance, or you don’t like how new competitors are framing the conversation, when you work with us you get true, long-term substantive platforms that bring lasting value.

There is an order to our process. Our goal is to bring you closer to certainty in the choices you make. We believe in our process, but we also recognize that one size does not fit all. Between your commitment and our rigor and insights, we can set your brand on the road to success.

How We Can Help

  • Legacy Rebrand

    Legacy Rebrand

    Diminishing relevance happens slowly and quietly. Then, one day the brand wakes up to realize that it has lost its relevance in the market. Sales are flat or declining. What was once a place where everyone felt a deep sense of purpose is now just a job. Your original differentiation has now become cost of entry to the category. You really don’t know your consumer anymore. It’s time to consider a major strategic rebrand, one that maximizes results while minimizing risks.

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  • Consumer Research & Insights

    Consumer Research & Insights

    Market research validates and explores. It also must be actionable. Our research engagements identify who your key participants are and how to engage them. Our insights validate your opportunity for growth. They present you with an objective path forward. Depending on your budgets and challenges, we offer custom market research engagements and our new Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ study and typing tool.

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  • Marketing Activation

    Marketing Activation

    With your insights from market research, and with your new strategic brand direction and expression in hand, it’s time for brand activation. Pure Branding and our strategic partners are ready to support the launch of your rebrand with a wide variety of ongoing digital, packaging, marketing strategy, design, and executional campaign elements.

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  • “Not only was Pure Branding instrumental in identifying Gaia Herbs' opportunity in radical transparency and seeing it through to realization, they also uncovered the soul of our brand and gave us the strategic, verbal and visual tools to articulate it.”

    Ric Scalzo
    Gaia Herbs

    Legacy Brand

    Legacy Brand

    Pioneering the supplement industry’s first herb traceability program for Gaia Herbs leads to 3x sales

    Developed within Pure Branding’s strategic rebrand process, ‘Meet Your Herbs’ traceability program made Gaia Herbs’ chain of custody transparent and open

    • 3x sales in four years
    • Years after the introduction of the traceability program still the #1 supplement brand in transparency: In national consumer study, compared to leading supplement brands, Gaia is most associated as the brand that is transparent in all it does to assure quality, efficacy and trust


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  • “Pure Branding identified who MegaFood’s consumers are, what they care about and what they need from us. Not a week went by that we didn’t refer back to these PureSegments™ and the market intelligence they provided. Pure Branding deeply understands the nutrition space and has my highest recommendation.”

    Robert Craven
    Former CEO
    MegaFood & Garden of Life

    Legacy Brand

    Legacy Brand

    MegaFood PureSegmentation Insights Lead to 2x Sales

    MegaFood, a pioneer brand in whole food-based supplements, engaged Pure Branding to conduct custom PureSegmentation™ research.

    • The research discovered that the key consumer segment was not who they were currently targeting, and enabled a shift in messaging to reach the new segment
    • The marketing and sales team fully embraced the PureSegments, and got to know them as though they were real customers
    • Two years after the PureSegments became part of the company consciousness and campaigns were launched to engage the natural products trade and consumers, the company nearly doubled in size while maintaining very attractive profit margins
    • Shortly after, acquired by Pharmavite, makers of the Nature Made brand, the number one brand in the mass channel


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