Brand Opportunity

Brands come to us because they recognize they need to overcome challenges. Sales are flat or in decline. Less differentiation. They have lost direction.

So, we ask them, “Who are you?”, “Why are you?” and “Where do you want to be in five and 10 years?” On the surface, these are basic questions that should be easily answered. For us, it’s just the beginning of a deep exploration that will reveal where the opportunities for the brand truly exist and how best to present the brand authentically and with relevance and intention. Without this, the challenges will persist or reappear. It’s the difference between treating the root cause versus just the symptoms.

Brand Opportunity Intensive

There are two phases: the research phase and the workshop phase.

The research phase of the engagement helps us take a big-picture view of your brand in the marketplace, with an eye to revealing the opportunity unique to your company and offering.

Everything is looked at through the lens of our proprietary 5 Forces™:

  • Organization: We explore the objectives, cultures, passions, beliefs, attributes, values, biography, defining principles and existing property equities of your organization.
  • Offering: We identify offering attributes that differentiate and potential portfolio themes that express organizational values, reinforce the most effective consumer relationship and add trade value.
  • Trade: We define “trade” as those who sell your offerings to your customers. We determine how your brand uniquely anticipates trends, serves the needs and meets the objectives of sales partners, whether those are retailers, sales reps, distributors or digital platforms.
  • Category: We deliver an assessment of the state of your category and your competition. Together, we’ll discover the new white space and determine your game-changing role as category leader.
  • Participant: We look beyond consumption patterns to opportunities for partnership with your participants. Our goal is to find the best participant fit for your brand, identify motivations and determine the best means and times for engagement.

The workshop phase is a one- or two-day on-site. We take your leadership team through a series of workshop exercises, guided group discussions and observations from the intake phase to identify the key opportunities for your brand as seen through the lens of the 5 Forces™. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a completed Brand Opportunity Board that will serve as the foundation moving into the Brand Strategy Phase.

At the end of the Brand Opportunity Intensive, you will have identified:

  • The opportunity for growth, and what obstacles are standing in its way
  • Leadership team consensus for brand direction

“This was a full day of constructive exercises and collective ideation. What struck me was how open yet controlled the process was, how everyone participated with equal energy and creativity. It was hard work but fun at the same time, and it clarified and unified our direction going forward.”

Elizabeth Poon
Marketing Director, Country Life

You’re Not As Unique as You Think

You’d be surprised how many supplement brands differentiate themselves the same way you do now. Before you choose a brand direction, you need to know where everyone in your category is going.