The Top 12 Supplement Branding Mistakes

From startups to established brands, here are the 12 patterns we’ve seen consumer supplement brands falling into, time and again.

  1. They lead with the science
  2. They are hindered by a lack of consumer insight
  3. They don’t know what they stand for, their bigger mission in the world
  4. They believe that technology/science differentiates them
  5. They believe their solution is the best
  6. They believe they’re competing against similar products only, rather than larger need states
  7. They work from historical or anecdotal assumptions rather than data
  8. They believe that high quality is more than just the cost of entry
  9. They focus on their operations at the expense of their marketing
  10. They struggle to communicate their manufacturing processes/IP in a clear and simple way
  11. They are afraid of and/or resistant to transparency
  12. They reactively let small competitors frame the conversation

OK, take a breath. Recognize your situation in any of these patterns?

From our research and years of working with leading dietary supplement brands, we know these are the hard truths you face. While each company has its own unique set of challenges, there is more commonality among them than difference. Established leaders, with decades of success and revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, aren’t any more immune to these mistakes than their smaller competitors with $20 million in revenue.

You want your supplement brand to reach more people, change more lives, generate more loyal participants and have greater impact, both socially and financially. We’re here to help.

“Pure Branding understood us, our industry and how to rebrand Gaia Herbs in a way that was deeply authentic and smart. They really ‘got’ what Gaia is all about and helped create a new expression of our brand in a way that was accessible to consumers and retailers.”

Ann Buchman
Former VP Marketing, Gaia Herbs

Some of Our Consumer Supplement Clients

Nordic Naturals
Gaia Herbs
Herb Pharm
Country Life
Nature's Sunshine

We Wrote the Book on Transparency

Well, a white paper and a whole bunch of articles. And we built the supplement industry’s first traceability program for Gaia Herbs,“Meet Your Herbs™”, which tripled their sales in 4 years.