2024 U.S. Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation: Research & Typing Tool


“Indispensable Data for All Supplement Brands, Hands Down!”

— Robert Craven, Founder, ScalePassion
Former CEO, MegaFood & Garden of Life

  • Deep consumer profiles that are the foundation for cost-effective & actionable custom research for supplement brand marketers
  • Census-balanced market-sized segmentation powered by 2,300+ quantitative interviews of U.S. supplement consumers conducted in Q4 2023 with a +/- 2.1% margin error
  • Designed for rapid brand definition, positioning, innovation and growth

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Research: Six U.S. Supplement Consumer Segments to Fuel Brand Development & Activation

Pure Branding’s Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research & Typing Tool is unique in the supplement world: a quick, cost-effective and actionable custom research tool powered by predictive, market-sized segmentation.

The stand-alone full 230-page foundational research report provides insight into what motivates the six PureSegments. You will know the actual market size of these segments, and you will be able to determine how to leverage your current brand attributes to appeal to the behaviors and attitudes of your key segments.

“Pure Branding identified not only Persona Nutrition’s key consumer segment, but equally important they identified the segments that could take us down a rabbit hole. This is a business where assumptions are easily made based on transactions, and not on motivations. Pure Branding’s segmentation research made us smarter and able to target those who have the greatest likelihood for retention.”

Jason Brown
Founder, Persona Nutrition, now a NestlĂŠ Health Science Company

Typing Tool: Your Target Consumer Quickly Identified

The PureSegmentation Typing Tool, based on a predictive algorithm, is designed to place supplement consumers in their psychographic and behavioral market-sized segments. Have your customers take this 16-question survey and find out in which PureSegment your target consumers are.

Working collaboratively with you, along with the typing tool we can develop a custom survey based on your objectives and our hypotheses. Designed for rapid innovation and/or brand repositioning, the Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Typing Tool + custom research has been used to successfully:

  • Shore up a brand’s base
  • Drive growth
  • Help forecast with greater accuracy
  • Identify and reach new consumers
  • Motivate and engage the greatest number of relevant consumers
  • Improve brand loyalty and engagement
  • Expand into new channels and adjacencies with greater confidence

A 360Âş View of Your Target Consumer

These six PureSegments are distinct in their:

  • Health attitudes & beliefs
  • Supplement use & needs
  • Brand attraction & positioning
  • Customer journey & influences
  • Market share & demographics

Actionable Research

Brands have used PureSegmentation to fuel:


  • Brand development & market positioning
  • Brand storytelling & campaign development
  • Packaging design


  • Pricing & promotion strategy
  • Retail strategy and expansion into FDMC, natural, DTC or practitioner channels
  • New product innovation & portfolio expansion


  • Consumer journey design & lifecycle marketing
  • Marketing channel mix & targeting
  • Personalization programs
  • Content strategy
  • Transparency programs
  • Product page and landing page design
  • Influencer or advisory programs

What’s Included:

  • 230-slide 2024 Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research Summary Report, including:
    • Post-pandemic consumer data
    • Total sample data
    • Segmentation data and insights
  • 192-slide 2024 Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research Appendix, including:
    • Segmentation data visualization guide
    • Segmentation comparisons by visualization
    • Market share calculations
  • 6 PureSegment™ profile boards, including:
    • 47 data visualizations for each PureSegment

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