Standard Process and Pure Branding Launch Benchmark Tool that Determines Health of an Acupuncture Practice

Based on results from national survey of over 1,100 acupuncturists, Pure Branding developed interactive assessment tool that creates a profile of the acupuncturist and an instant health check of the practice compared to other similar acupuncturists

Palmyra, WI — Standard Process Inc. launched a first of its kind business benchmark tool specifically for acupuncturists. Acupuncturists can take a short quiz on Standard Process’ website, and then receive an instant assessment of the health of their practice compared to other similarly profiled acupuncturists. The quiz uses results from a base analysis of a groundbreaking national survey of over 1,100 acupuncturists conducted by the research firm Pure Branding. Access to the benchmark quiz is at

“We know from the research that there are distinct profiles of acupuncturists in the U.S. and these profiles are determined by a number of factors,” said Tammi Geiger, director of marketing for Standard Process. “This benchmark tool offers an opportunity for acupuncturists to find out how they compare to their peers who share a similar profile.”

Acupuncturists who take the quiz will be able to benchmark the success of their practice in areas such as practice offerings, challenges, objectives, patients per day and more.

“With a robust panel size of over 1,100 acupuncturists, this unprecedented study provides a confidence interval of +/- 2.53%,” said Yadim Medore, founder of Pure Branding, “allowing us to draw statistically significant and meaningful conclusions regarding the entire U.S. acupuncturist population.”

When acupuncturists fill out the survey, they are compared to one of five specific profiles and receive an instant report that provides:

  • Narrative description of a practice from that profile.
  • The archetype, personality traits, character attributes, and self-identification of that profile.
  • The top business needs, challenges, practice objectives and offerings from which they can benchmark their practice.
  • Financial markers such as patients per day, patients at a time, years practicing and income.

“The goal is to help acupuncturists grow their business,” said Geiger. “Throughout the report they will be able to see how much or little they share with their fellow acupuncturists who are in a similar situation, whether they are a solo practitioner, work in a clinic setting, or whether they have just started their business or are getting ready to retire.”

Using the in-depth national survey of 1,100 acupuncturists as its database, Pure Branding developed these persona profiles using a proprietary algorithm that combines quantitative and qualitative research, and incorporates Jungian archetypes and social values orientation.


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