Practitioner Channel Brand Engagement

There are six phases, or elements, to creating engagement with health care professionals that generates interaction and sales, again and again. Each one feeds off another, creating a more than virtuous cycle. We call it Regenerative Engagement.

Together, these elements create a cycle of growing confidence between the nutritional supplement, diagnostic or medical device brand and the health care professional. But before you start:

Phase 1: Content Audit & Content Strategy Matrix

Because you know what your brand stands for, your key targets, their customer journey and the positioning that resonates with them, you can:

  • Identify topics of greatest interest
  • Match these topics with their most interested targets

A Content Strategy Matrix is created by:

  • Auditing existing content
  • Identifying gaps in communication
  • Hierarchizing content development

Phase 2: Content Marketing Automation Program Development

But a content matrix needs to be turned from static to dynamic. Your target practitioners need to have a way to engage with your content, intelligently and with information that is relevant to them. At this phase, we create schematic flows for automated engagement specific to:

  • Target personas
  • Nurturing objectives
  • Calls to action
  • Measurement objectives

Phase 3: Content Generation

Without content, you just have a plan. And this is where so much business-to-practitioner marketing falls short. Because generating content takes initiative, commitment and an investment in ongoing content creation. Our content workshop is designed to kick-start your content generation, to give it voice and form, and to encourage your writers to produce. Together, we create the foundational narratives, the core white papers or e-books, and the actual emails and landing pages.

Phase 4: Web Flow & Marketing Automation Integration

You have all your pieces in place. Now it’s time to make sure they work together, that they direct your practitioners to the information they need. Also, you have goals and user flows you want to encourage your customers and prospects to follow. In this phase, we work with you to make sure web navigation, web and landing pages, downloads, triggers for marketing automation, progressive profiling and lead qualification all work in harmony and with purpose. From prototypes to page development, to setup and training, we work with you to get it all in place and ready.

Phase 5: Marketing Automation Activation

Everything is ready to go. Now it’s time to push the button. Oh, if only it were so easy. Marketing automation lives in the details. Emails, calls to action, landing pages, lead scoring, fulfillment of exit conditions, coordination with other flows and so on. We are there as much or as little as you want us to be, to make sure it works the way it’s supposed to and that it generates results.

Phase 6: Measurement and Analysis

The beauty of this whole process is that it can be measured throughout. Open, click-through and conversion rates will tell you the surface story. Setting up ways to measure the ROI will give you deeper insight. We have templates that work. A meaningful analysis will give you insight into predicting the behavior of your practitioners.

Regenerating Engagement

With the objective data and results in hand, now it’s time to review your content matrix. What’s working? What’s not? What are the gaps? How can you deepen the relationships between you and your customers? The Regenerative Engagement process begins again, only this time you are smarter.


You’re Not as Unique as You Think

You’d be surprised how many supplement brands that sell to practitioners differentiate themselves the same way you do now. Before you choose a brand direction, you need to know where everyone in your category is going.