Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Intensive

The Brand Strategy phase is where alchemy happens. The identified opportunity is turned into a game plan for real results. A great strategy leaves nothing to chance.

There are two phases: the shaping phase and the workshop phase.

We begin the process of shaping by translating and organizing the key findings from the Brand Opportunity Intensive in preparation for the Brand Strategy workshop.

During a one-day on-site, we’ll undertake a series of guided group discussions to reach consensus on some or all of the following:

  • Brand Center: A succinct positioning statement that establishes the foundation for all future strategy and communication. The who, what, how and why of your brand.
  • Brand Architecture: A framework to show how your brand assets fit together most effectively.
  • Communication Platform: A framework that engages conversation between your brand and your customers, a clear theme to drive campaigns and new product or ingredient introductions.
  • Brand Attributes: A snapshot of your brand’s personality, a punch list of words and phrases chosen to encapsulate your brand as a benchmark for future communications.
  • Brand Voice: A unique tool to let your brand speak up.
  • Target Participant: Your most receptive participants, those who bring a higher degree of loyalty, involvement and spend.
  • Visual Language: A preliminary discussion about the visual identity of the brand.

At the end of the Brand Strategy Intensive, you will have a brand direction to move forward with:

  • Certainty
  • Consensus
  • Confidence


“Not only was Pure Branding instrumental in identifying the opportunity in radical transparency and seeing it through to realization, they also uncovered the soul of our brand and gave us the strategic, verbal and visual tools to articulate it.”

Ric Scalzo
CEO & Founder, Gaia Herbs

When You Work with Pure Branding, You’re in Good Company

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