Legacy Rebrand

It’s not easy being a legacy dietary supplement brand. All that history can be both a blessing and a curse. With your size comes a responsibility to both customers, employees and shareholders, many of whom were with you from the early days. You are not as nimble as the newer, DTC brands are. Mitigating risks is far more important than taking chances. Decisions are made with many stakeholders in mind. And what was once a place where everyone felt a deep sense of purpose is now just a job.

And let’s not forget about sales. COVID may have covered up a downward trend, but ask yourself, how is the market responding to your new product introductions? Outside your superstars, are your sales above industry averages? In a world of over 6,000 supplement companies, how relevant are you?

Pure Branding’s Legacy Rebrand is a proven process designed to: 

  • Reassess your brand opportunities
  • Realign your strategic direction
  • Reimagine your relevance

And in the process create corporate consensus toward a strong growth strategy.

Proven, Collaborative & Actionable 4-Phase Process

1: Assess for Brand Opportunity

“Who are you?” “Why are you?” and “Where do you want to be in three to five years?” On the surface, these are basic questions that should be easily answered. For us, it’s just the beginning of a deep exploration that will reveal where the opportunities for the brand truly exist and how best to present the brand authentically and with relevance and intention. Without this, the challenges will persist or reappear. It’s the difference between treating the root cause versus just the symptoms.

In this phase we take a big-picture view of the brand through the lenses of the 5 Forces™: Organization, Offering, Trade, Category, and Participant. It’s an in-depth process that includes intake, gap assessment, analysis and a collaborative workshop with your leadership team. 

The result establishes alignment with the brand’s leadership team on the critical strategic opportunities available to the brand that will enable it to reach as many consumers as possible.

2: Validate Opportunity, Direction, and Customer Journey

This is where we utilize our Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Typing Tool to conduct custom consumer market research to help you meet your consumers on a human level, identify your optimal targets, and reveal how to communicate effectively to grow your business.

This typing tool is built on rigorous segmentation developed from over 2,000 census-balanced US supplement consumers, with a +/-  2.1% margin of error.

The end result is two-fold:

  • We identify your target consumer and receptivity to brand positioning and RTBs.
  • We develop a data-informed customer journey mapping that identify the moments where your key target segments and your brand should intersect.

3: Define Brand Strategy

We translate key research insights into a unique and ownable brand strategy platform, aligning on key targets and unique emotional and rational differentiators.

The result is a new definition for the brand: what it stands for, its unique position in the marketplace, and why it matters. The foundation for your renewed relevance.

4: Bring Brand and Marketing Strategy to Life

It’s time to translate the validated Brand Strategy into a powerful creative and marketing strategy, one that has impact and attracts attention for the right reasons.

In this phase we develop verbal and visual toolkits that will guide all future brand activation. 

We also build the marketing strategy: a holistic plan for paid, earned, and owned marketing to attract, engage and retain the brand’s customers.

Your strategic rebrand is now complete, ready for your team to begin activating your new growth initiative into the market.