Integrative Physician Market Landscape 2017

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Integrative physicians. Why do they matter? Are there enough to effect a transformation of the health care system? Is there a growing trend toward transition from conventional to integrative? And how can integrative MDs and DOs impact your business?

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The Pure Branding Integrative Physician Market Landscape 2017: A RealPersona™ Segmentation Study of U.S. Integrative MDs and DOs provides a comprehensive understanding and profile of today’s integrative physician.

“This landscape report stands out for its rigor, its level of detail and the logic behind its insights. But most importantly, it’s actionable. The integrative and functional medicine practitioner community is rapidly growing, and this report has helped us to determine where to focus and allocate spend for both growing current customers and developing new audiences.”

Nikki Yas
VP Marketing, Professional Brands, Atrium Innovations

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Deep Insights, Meaningful Metrics

This groundbreaking study uncovers deep insights about the integrative physician community.

Through an implementation of our trade-tested RealPersona™ research methodology, Pure Branding provides both meaningful metrics and actionable insights in a user-friendly guide to help you navigate the complex landscape of the growing integrative physician market.

It includes:

  • Data from 1,133 integrative MDs and DOs from 49 states, the largest pool of active integrative MDs and DOs ever surveyed for a landscape report
  • 323 pages plus appendix & 172 data charts
  • Distinct and actionable RealPersona™ Segment Profiles to determine shared values and differentiating factors — invaluable for marketing and sales
  • Knowledge of what drives these physicians to transition from conventional to integrative medicine in both their clinical philosophy and therapies
  • Their motivators and how to reach them
  • General trends, usage, sentiments and behaviors

“It’s one thing to know what physicians select for their dispensary. It’s another thing to know what motivates them to do so. This landscape report provides us with an inside look into what integrative MDs and DOs need from us, and how we can better support them. The comprehensive nature of the report has made it essential market intelligence for our strategic planning and continued growth.”

Fran Towey
Former Executive Chairman & CEO, Fullscript

Report Packages

Profile of Integrative Physicians

The 117-page baseline report provides a comprehensive profile of the total sample of integrative physicians. Its 11 chapters cover:

  • Shared values, views and approaches
  • Prominent differentiating factors
  • Demographics
  • Continuing education
  • Transition to integrative
  • Practice ownership and decision making
  • Income
  • Quality of life
  • Past barriers and current challenges
  • Integrative peer support
  • Self-identification
  • Motivation and influences
  • Educational and professional resources
  • Certifications
  • Clinical specialties and therapies
  • Percentage of patients treated with integrative medicine
  • Length of patient appointment
  • Patient population
  • Patient communication technologies
  • Payer models
  • Patient acquisition
  • Clinical practice details: Dietary supplements and other products

“As a private investment and strategic growth adviser, I look for certainty in market data. This research report has more substantive information and insights than I’m used to seeing. I now have a very good understanding of where the opportunity lies and how that can be applied to our clients. I was impressed by the market size triangulation and the rigorous segmentation that provide insights into what these doctors are thinking and how to reach them.”

David Thibodeau
Managing Director, Wellvest Capital

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RealPersona™ Segmentation

The 170-page RealPersona™ Segment Profiles (available in the Full Report package) are drawn from psychology and archetype theory and include social orientation, branding preferences, self-description and more. The value of these unique RealPersona segments is that they are actionable. They point marketers to specific customer targets that:

  • Are closely aligned with their own brands
  • Present opportunities for brand growth
  • Have unique behaviors that can be leveraged and needs that can met

The information from the RealPersona™ segments provides insight into what motivates distinct integrative physicians to respond and interact. Each profile includes:

  • Narrative overview
  • Archetype
  • Character attributes
  • Demographics
  • Patient population
  • Integrative approach
  • Practice specialties
  • Integrative therapies
  • Integrative use
  • Membership and participation in associations
  • Integrative peer support and network
  • Spiritual intensity
  • Barriers
  • Challenges
  • Influencers
  • Quality of life versus increase in pay
  • Supplement value score
  • Unique segment factors
  • Actionable insights

Five 11 x 17 RealPersona™ Segment Profile Boards

All five market segment profiles are fully realized with individual RealPersona™ boards (available in the Full Report package). A mix of first-person narrative and friendly data visualizations, carefully presented on a printable 11 x 17 sheet, the five RealPersona™ boards create a distinct personality for each segment profile. You can see at a glance their makeup, what motivates them, how they differ from the total sample, the percentage of patients they treat with integrative medicine, their integrative approach, their degree of connection to the integrative community, their challenges, influencers and more.

Four Special Reports

Thirty-three pages of four special reports provide insight into:

  1. Higher Quality of Life and Increase in Pay: Factors that hold the key to integrative physicians who report both a higher quality of life and higher pay as a result of practicing integrative medicine.
  2. Concierge/Membership Models: These models are a growing trend within integrative medicine.
  3. Location: Whether location matters when it comes to the success of an integrative medicine practice.
  4. Market Size Estimate: The first-ever, data-driven triangulation of the integrative MD/DO market size. How big is it, really?


The 48-page appendix includes:

  • Answers to open field questions
  • Crosstab results on therapies and specialties that determine:
    • Specialty-to-specialty correlations within a practice
    • Therapy-to-therapy correlations within a practice
    • Specialty-to-therapy correlations within a practice

PLUS: Custom Crosstab Data and Brand- or Category-Specific Segmentation Distribution

Where does your brand or category and its product offerings fit in the integrative physician landscape? Available with the Full Report + Custom Data package, we will generate a custom crosstab from all the questions asked in the study, showing percentages of:

  • Total sample
  • Each RealPersona™ Segment Profile
  • Your brand or category customers

From this data, we will develop a:

  • User profile of your brand or category customers
  • Brand- or category-specific segmentation distribution chart, highlighting which RealPersona™ Segment Profiles have higher and lower participation with your brand or category

Plus: For many supplement brands, we have enough data to differentiate between those who say they utilize your brand in their practice and those who say your brand is one of their three primary brands. For these brands, we will also provide conversion funnels by RealPersona™ segment, to show how likely a segment is to convert from being used to being considered a primary brand within their practice.

Please contact us to determine custom data availability for your brand or category.

“I have never seen such a rigorous and insightful study of the integrative physician community. For anyone wishing to understand and engage with the field of integrative medicine, this research study and its insights will be invaluable.”

Leonard A. Wisneski
MD, FACP, former Medical Director, Marriott International, professor of medicine at Georgetown University, George Washington University and the University of Colorado