Emerging Brand Reset

New supplement brands face many of the same challenges. You’ve launched, but the initial market reaction is below your expectations. The cost of acquisition is high (and getting higher) and retention is low. Those double-digit month-to-month sales increases are fast become single digit.

Maybe you have plateaued after two years of steady growth. Maybe you are ready for expansion, but not sure how to grow. Maybe you need to validate market opportunity for additional investment. 

And you have invested quite a bit — in packaging design, in digital assets. But beauty alone is not moving the needle. What you need is good strategy.

Pure Branding’s Emerging Brand Reset is specifically designed to:

  • Determine the optimal reset of brand strategy
  • Test how best to reach your target consumers
  • Develop a marketing approach that produces a successful revitalization in the market

Proven & Collaborative 4-Phase Process

1. Assess for Strategic Brand Opportunity

The objective of this phase is far-reaching: To gain alignment with your leadership team on the critical strategic opportunities available to your brand.

This phase is part investigation, part analysis, part workshop, all actionable. We assess your brand through the lens of our 5 Forces™: Organization, Offering, Trade, Category, and Participant. 

And we collaborate with you to reveal the key strategic opportunities within each Force that have the power to move the needle.

2. Validate Brand Opportunity, Direction and Customer Journey

This is where we identify your target consumers and receptivity to brand positioning and RTBs.

Informed by the prior phase, we’ll field critical questions into the market utilizing our U.S. Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Typing Tool. Built on rigorous segmentation developed from over 2,300 census-balanced US supplement consumers, this research tool is based on a predictive algorithm with a +/- 2% margin of error.

With objective data and critical insights, we then build a customer journey map, a foundational component for your marketing efforts. 

3. Define Brand Strategy & Build Marketing Strategy

In this phase, we translate and organize the critical findings from the research insights into the foundational brand and marketing strategies.

Starting with your brand center — the Who, What, How, and Why of your brand — we develop the key brand elements that will guide your brand reset. These include brand attributes, brand voice, and a communication platform.

How the brand will engage with its new identity is critical. We develop a marketing strategy that will guide your reset to attract, engage and retain the right customers. It is a detailed plan that proposes a channel mix rooted in marketing objectives. 

4. Bring Brand Reset Strategy to Life

Your brand is ready to express itself by creating foundational tools that will guide it into the future.

There are three key elements: 

Brand Communications Map: Designed to communicate the key brand talking points compellingly and consistently, the map establishes the framework for all brand-specific content and storytelling.

Verbal Brand Book: Here we define the brand in its new voice through a manifesto, higher purpose and brand statements. 

Tactical Marketing Plan: We translate the agreed-upon marketing strategy into a tactical action plan. This includes key components for activation, such as:

  • Budget recommendations
  • Forecasts
  • Measurement framework

5. Re-Launch Brand into Market

With brand strategy, communications map, and marketing plan in place, we can provide you and your team with consulting and launch support to make sure your reset gets off the ground and running. 

Like you, we want you to succeed.