Emerging Brand Launcher

You’re a passionate entrepreneur with a change-the-world supplement idea, but you are not yet in market. You know how competitive it is out there, but you believe with the right branding, compelling messaging and storytelling, dynamic and eye-catching design, and savvy marketing you have a good chance at breaking through.

Pure Branding’s Emerging Brand Launcher is specifically designed to take your supplement solution and:

  • Create a compelling MVP (Minimal Viable Product) brand
  • Generate early demand
  • Drive future investment

Speedy, Tested, and Collaborative 4-Phase Process

1. Assess Strategic MVP Brand Opportunity & Target Consumer

Part investigation, part analysis, part workshop, all actionable, we begin by collaborating with you to reveal your key strategic opportunities. 

In this phase, you will also learn all about your target market from our Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research. These proprietary insights are built on rigorous segmentation developed from over 2,000 census-balanced US supplement consumers, with a +/- 2.1% margin of error.

2. Validate Strategic MVP Brand Opportunities

 We validate your strategic opportunities with market research. We interview active supplement consumers to learn what messaging and positioning resonates. 

Say goodbye to subjective intuition and hello to greater certainty. The data from this phase provides objective insights that will inform your brand strategy. 

3. Bring MVP Brand Strategy to Life

 Your brand is now ready to express itself.

Starting with your brand center —- the Who, What, How, and Why of your brand — we develop those foundational verbal and visual elements that will guide your new brand expression and campaign development.

4. Launch MVP Brand into Market

 You are now 2-3 months from launch. It’s time to build those brand and marketing assets that your consumers will engage.

 We create your MVP website as well as the packaging design that will distinguish your brand in the marketplace and delight your customers in their homes.

Depending on your internal capabilities, we work with you on your marketing plan, first-of-kind ads and email content.

We want you to succeed. For three months after launch, we provide consulting and launch support to make sure your brand gets off the ground and running, and sets the stage for your next fundraising round.