9 Things You Need to Know about the Post-Pandemic Supplement Consumer

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Supplement sales are up year over year. More people than ever take vitamins, herbs, and supplements on a regular basis. Post-pandemic life for supplement brands is great, right?

The short answer is that it depends on what kind of supplement brand you are and how you engage with your target consumers. Like everyone else, the post-pandemic supplement consumer went through a pivotal event, and they changed as a result. Brands should be prepared to adjust to this new supplement market.

Research Insights

Pure Branding has just published our 2024 US Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research, which examines the US supplement shopper through a census-balanced, market-sized segmentation analysis based on over 2,300 interviews for a +/- 2% margin of error. As a brand strategy, market research and brand activation agency, our approach was to combine attitudinal, behavioral, and demographic factors because we’re always thinking about how to fuel brand strategies with actionable insights that identify, attract, and engage a brand’s target consumers.

This was our second major PureSegmentation research study. Our first was conducted just before the COVID-19 lockdowns and comparing the two studies has given us a unique perspective on how attitudes and behaviors have changed because of the pandemic.

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