“The ROI of Transparency & Meeting Consumer Expectations for Sustainability” at AHPA 8th Annual Botanical Congress

Speaker: Yadim Medore
Location: SupplySide West — Las Vegas, Nevada

Join Yadim Medore and Steve French in a session about herbal transparency and sustainability at the AHPA 8th Annual Botanical Congress held at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ROI of Transparency & Meeting Consumer Expectations for Sustainability

Yadim Medore, Founder & CEO of Pure Branding, will share consumer insights from the recently published ROI of Transparency, including which consumers are driving transparency, what is most important to consumers about transparency, the practices that most influence the perception of transparency, how it influences purchase intent and the perception of quality, and what level of transparency is needed for consumers to switch brands.

Steve French, Managing Partner at NMI, will identify herbal product consumer users and through profiling linked to sustainability, reveal a range of attitudes, behaviors, product concerns, and the role of socially responsible business as it impacts companies across the supply chain.

When: Saturday, October 19, 11:50 am -12:50 pm
Where: Mandalay Bay, Level 3, South Seas E

About AHPA’s 8th Annual Botanical Congress: The 2019 American Herbal Products Association’s (AHPA) Botanical Congress provides a unique opportunity for the herbal industry to explore issues directly impacting businesses, such as regulatory considerations facing the botanical market, and many more of the diverse opportunities and challenges that are shared by the worldwide herbal products industry. AHPA’s 8th Annual Botanical Congress will provide guidance to dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and affiliated firms that bear the burden of regulatory compliance.