Emerging Brand Launcher

You’re a passionate entrepreneur with a big idea for a supplement offering. But it’s not yet a brand. Its purpose, value proposition, target consumer, and personality are not formed. Intuitively, you know how competitive it is out there. You want to ensure you launch your new brand in a way that makes you proud and sets it up for success. Our Emerging Brand Launcher helps you create a compelling MVP brand that generates early demand and drives investment.

Marketing Activation

With your insights from market research, and with your new strategic brand direction and expression in hand, it’s time for brand activation. Pure Branding and our strategic partners are ready to support the launch of your rebrand with a wide variety of ongoing digital, packaging, marketing strategy, design, and executional campaign elements.

Consumer Research & Insights

Market research validates and explores. It also must be actionable. Our research engagements identify who your key participants are and how to engage them. Our insights validate your opportunity for growth. They present you with an objective path forward. Depending on your budgets and challenges, we offer custom market research engagements and our new Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ study and typing tool.

Legacy Rebrand

Diminishing relevance happens slowly and quietly. Then, one day the brand wakes up to realize that it has lost its relevance in the market. Sales are flat or declining. What was once a place where everyone felt a deep sense of purpose is now just a job. Your original differentiation has now become cost of entry to the category. You really don’t know your consumer anymore. It’s time to consider a major strategic rebrand, one that maximizes results while minimizing risks.

Know Your Consumer

For a new supplement brand to compete in this market it is essential that it knows its target consumer. Without this information, a new brand is operating blind, at the mercy of confirmation bias. Our Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research study and typing tool, built on rigorous segmentation developed from over 2,000 census balanced US supplement consumers, will help you identify your exact target.

Emerging Brand Reset

Your supplement brand has been in the market for a few years. After the initial success, you are not making the gains you thought you could. You are spending more, but your ROAS is declining. Something is amiss. You need to see the big picture again. You are still agile and are ready to do what it takes. That’s where our Emerging Brand Reset can help: a proven process that will determine the optimal brand strategy, consumer targeting and marketing approach that will prepare you for successful revitalization in the market.