Functional Food & Beverage

This is a broad category. We’ve worked with brands that sell medicinal teas, superfoods, energy beverages, protein powders, smoothie ingredients and healthful oils. It’s an exciting category, and for some brands it’s a roller coaster. Over the years, we seen repetitive patterns emerge that you may relate to. Read the 8 we’ve identified.

Natural Personal Care

Natural personal care or skin care companies share a two-part belief that goes like this. Part one: The skin is the largest organ of the body. Part two: It makes better sense to "feed" this organ natural or organic ingredients than synthetic ones. But there's more.

Direct-to-Practitioner Channel

This is for brands that sell dietary supplements, diagnostics, lab testing and technology through health care professionals and don’t market directly to the end-user. Your target audience includes integrative physicians, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists and more. That’s why your patterns are both the same as and different from your consumer brand cousins'. Read the 16 we’ve identified.

Consumer Supplements

This is for brands that make and sell dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, formulas, herbs, homeopathic remedies) to consumers, either through retail stores or online through digitally native vertical brands. We’ve worked with many of you. We know the patterns that brands like you fall into, time and again. Read the 13 we’ve identified.