Marketing Activation

This is the moment that everyone works toward. It’s when all of the insights, brand strategy, and foundational brand expression become activated through digital, packaging, content, campaigns, and other forms of marketing and communication. 

Pure Branding and our strategic partners support emerging and legacy brands with a wide variety of marketing strategies, all designed to fuel growth.

Strategic & Tactical Marketing Plan 

The Strategic Marketing Plan is a brand’s road map to success. The tactical marketing plan is the well-budgeted trip. 

This is where we:

  • Build a holistic plan for paid, earned, and owned marketing to attract, engage and retain the brand’s customers
  • Propose a channel mix rooted in marketing objectives. Recommend specific partners and vendors for client consideration
  • Define criteria for evaluating potential marketing partnerships
  • Provide recommendations for building processes for continuous program evaluation and optimization
  • Establish budget recommendations, forecasts, and measurement framework

Visual & Verbal Activation

We live in a visual world. Visual content is shared more. First impressions matter. How your brand looks is often how consumers evaluate it. And none wants to be the brand that looks like so many others. 

They say no one reads anymore. We say no one reads anything boring or irrelevant. What and how you communicate is critical to engaging with your target consumers. And what we know about involved supplement users (and voracious search engines) is that they are hungry for great content. 

Working with our strategic partners we develop:

  • Packaging & Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE)
  • Content strategy & production
  • Websites
  • SEO

Consumer Campaign Development

How do you introduce your rebrand?

We’ll work with you to create a conversion-driven rebrand introduction across all of the most important channels by translating the brand strategy to a ‘big idea’ campaign. For this work, we will include:

  • ‘Big idea’ concepts for the consumer campaign
  • Establish a ‘big idea’ campaign look and feel for the brand
  • Create dynamic messaging and campaign creative that resonates with target consumers and drives conversion
  • Develop assets that can be used in the media campaign to promote the new brand 
  • Validate the directions to assure we’re creating a high level of purchase intent and consideration with the target audiences

Program Measuring and Reporting

As your marketing programs evolve and grow, it is essential that you have a clear sense of performance. That means having access to high-quality data for critical decision making.

The goal behind program measuring and reporting is to ensure the marketing and sales team has confidence in the data to generate shopper insights and drive future decision making. To that end, we offer a process that includes:

  • A comprehensive audit of analytics
  • Proposed measurement optimizations that support analysis and performance evaluations
  • Regular reporting and adjusted optimization over a defined period of time

Ongoing Optimization & Consultation

With brand strategy, communications map, and marketing plan in place, we can provide you and your team with consulting and launch support to make sure your rebrand gets off the ground and running. 

Like you, we want you to succeed.