Gain Access to Valuable Consumer Research Priced for the Emerging Brand’s Budget

Date: [CLOSED] Mar. 26, 2024
Time: 1-4 pm ET
Where: Zoom
Price: $25K $10K

Nearly all emerging brands are faced with a common set of business challenges: generate investor interest, attract new customers and grow retention. Whether you’re pre-launch, pre-revenue or have reached stagnation after early stage growth, Pure Branding’s PureSegmentation™ market research will provide you with actionable consumer insights that will support you in these objectives. We are offering this comprehensive market research at a more affordable price to a cohort of fellow supplement brand founders.

Fuel Brand Development and Market Activation

Pure Branding’s recently published 2024 U.S. Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research is based on a rigorous, census-balanced segmentation of over 2,300 quantitative interviews. This market research will give you a 360º view of your target consumer, including:

  • Health attitudes & beliefs
  • Supplement use & needs
  • Brand attraction & positioning
  • Customer journey & influences
  • Market share & demographics

These insights can directly inform your business planning and fuel your growth.

“Over the past few years I have recommended many emerging supplement brand founders to Pure Branding’s research, and they have benefited tremendously! When I led MegaFood, we relied heavily on PureSegmentation™ research. Not a week went by that we didn’t refer back to the market intelligence the segments provided. Pure Branding deeply understands the nutrition space and has my highest recommendation.”

Robert Craven
Founder, ScalePassion; Former CEO, MegaFood & Garden of Life

Generate Investor Interest

PureSegmentation™ Research provides market data that builds investor confidence. 

  • Quantify for your investors the population size, dollar share and growth potential of your target consumer segment.
  • Help investors understand the market demand for the need states your brand is addressing. 

Attract New Customers

PureSegmentation™ Research provides consumer insights that can hone your brand positioning and marketing mix. 

  • Discover the media and retail channel mix your target relies on while researching and shopping for supplements.
  • Emphasize the product features and brand attributes that will resonate best with your target segment.

Grow Retention

PureSegmentation™ Research provides consumer insights that can ensure your marketing investment is resulting in healthy retention. 

  • Understand the brand loyalty and switching behavior of your target segment, so that you can better anticipate and encourage their retention. 
  • Gain valuable insights into how your target segment prefers to engage with the supplement brands they buy. Know definitively whether to reward them or offer them education.

“Pure Branding identified not only Persona Nutrition’s key consumer segment, but equally important they identified the segments that could take us down a rabbit hole. This is a business where assumptions are easily made based on transactions, and not on motivations. Pure Branding’s segmentation research made us smarter and able to target those who have the greatest likelihood for retention.”

Jason Brown
Founder, Persona Nutrition, now a Nestlé Health Science Company

Join this Exclusive Cohort of Emerging Supplement Brand Founders

Brands typically spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for rigorous segmentation, and our PureSegmentation™ Research is normally priced at $25,000. However, because we want to make this valuable research accessible for emerging brand founders, we are offering you access at a discounted price of $10,000. This research will be presented on March 26 with an opportunity for Q&A with the Pure Branding team. 

What’s included in this offering:

  • A single license for:
    • 150+ slide 2024 Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research Summary Report 
    • 200+ slide 2024 Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research Appendix, with a data visualization guide, comparisons by visualization, and market share calculations
    • 6 PureSegment profile boards, with 47 data visualizations for each PureSegment
  • Live 3-Hour PureSegmentation™ Zoom meeting and Q&A with peers