Emerging Supplement Brand Accelerator™

The Emerging Supplement Brand Accelerator™ is for you if faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Prelaunch or ready to launch and needing clarity around brand and consumer to support early investment
  • Launched, but initial market reaction below expectations
  • Launched, but cost of acquisition is high, and retention is low
  • Experiencing flat or declining sales a year after initial launch
  • Experiencing flat or declining sales after two to five years of steady growth
  • Ready for expansion after solid start, but not sure how to grow
  • Ready for expansion but need validated market opportunity for additional investment
  • Disagreement among executive team and/or board of directors based on subjective bias instead of objective data

Our three-phase, proven process will achieve consensus and certainty on your emerging brand’s strategy. The Supplement Brand Accelerator will identify:

  • Your brand’s true opportunities
  • Your target consumer segments
  • Your new or refined strategic direction for growth

We engaged Pure Branding for its Emerging Supplement Brand Accelerator™ at the start of the pandemic, unsure of how the workshops would go on Zoom. To say that they exceeded our expectations would almost be an understatement. For three straight days, our team was immersed, energized, and motivated by a mix of informed presentations, interactive exercises, and inspired breakthroughs. Best of all, we found our authentic center that will strengthen our brand as we grow.

Madhavi Gupta, MD
Cofounder and Co-CEO, Best Nest Wellness

Phase One: Strategic Diagnostic

This is where we step back and take a big-picture, strategic view of your brand in the marketplace with an eye to revealing the strategic opportunity unique to your brand and offering.

5 Forces™ Intake and Gap Assessment

During a four-week intake and gap assessment period, we:

  • Analyze your brand’s health through the 5 Forces™—Organization, Offering, Trade, Category, and Participant
  • Present findings of our census-balanced Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research, including detailed information on the six distinct US consumer segments

Brand Opportunity Workshop

This Strategic Diagnostic phase culminates with a three-day virtual collaborative workshop. We lead your executive team through a series of workshop exercises, guided group discussions, and observations from our intake and gap assessment. When completed you will have leadership alignment around the key strategic opportunity recommendations for the 5 Forces:

  • Organization: Your core beliefs, current and aspirational culture, and how you can express your passion
  • Offering: Innovative product portfolio concepts that express your organization’s values
  • Trade: The right channels to sell your products through
  • Category: Your supplement brand’s optimal emotional symbology, where the “white space” exists, and how to position for success in a highly competitive landscape
  • Participant: Hypotheses about your most valuable consumer target(s)

Phase Two: PureSegmentation™ Custom Research

Informed by the Strategic Diagnostic phase, we’ll identify your consumer research goals and the hypotheses needed to achieve them, and then we’ll field into the market utilizing our  Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Typing Tool.

This proprietary research tool is designed to quickly and cost effectively:

  • Provide greater confidence about your brand positioning and reasons to believe (RTBs)
  • Identify your target consumer segment(s)
  • Help you forecast with greater accuracy
  • Improve brand loyalty and engagement
  • Motivate and engage the greatest number of relevant consumers
  • Expand into new channels and adjacencies

Phase Three: New Strategic Direction

After reviewing the research findings, we will gather for a half-day virtual workshop with your leadership team for alignment on:

  • Your brand’s key strategic 5 Forces™ opportunities informed by the research
  • Your brand’s strategic center
  • Hierarchy of your brand’s positioning and RTBs
  • Key communication recommendations

Pure Branding identified not only our key consumer segment, but equally important it showed us the segments that could take us down a rabbit hole. This is a business where assumptions are easily made based on transactions, and not on motivations. The market research made us smarter and able to target those who have the greatest likelihood for retention.

Jason Brown
Founder and CEO, Persona, A Nestlé Health Science Company

You’re Not As Unique as You Think

You’d be surprised how many supplement brands differentiate themselves the same way you do now. Before you choose a brand direction, you need to know where everyone in your category is going.