“Branding Raw Ingredients” at SupplySide West

Speaker: Yadim Medore
Location: SupplySide West — Las Vegas, Nevada

Join Yadim Medore (CEO of Pure Branding), Steve Hanson (CEO of GRIP IDEAS), and Scott Steinford (Executive Director of the CoQ10 Association) in a small group CEO discussion on Branding Raw Ingredients.

Participants at this roundtable will have access to key information and advice on:

  • Resources needed (people, time and money) to build a branded ingredient strategy
  • What are the benefits of a branding strategy and how it can increase your bottom line
  • Why is important to have a brand in the raw ingredients industry
  • How ingredient brands are displayed and marketed by brand holders
  • What B2B raw ingredients brands can learn from B2C supplement brands

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