“Biodynamics: In Context with the Real World” at 2017 INFRA Annual Conference

Speaker: Peter Littell
Location: Independent Natural Food Retailers Association Annual Conference
Date: -

Peter Littell, Pure Branding’s Marketing and Research Director, will be speaking at 2017 INFRA Annual Conference, July 15-18. He is on the panel “Biodynamics: In Context with the Real World.” As a board member of the Biodynamic Association, and a long-time advocate for biodynamic agriculture, Peter has witnessed the difficulty biodynamics has had making its mark in the natural products world. He is on a panel with Elizabeth Candelario, Managing Director of Demeter, and Daphne Amory, biodynamic consultant, educator, and winemaker who is also an inspector for Demeter. Peter will focus on how store staff can talk to their customers about biodynamics and how to create a compelling value proposition for these foods. INFRA is the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association, representing 354 storefronts across the United States.