Herb Pharm

Helping a longtime favorite ascend out of commoditization.

Consumers easily recognized Herb Pharm packaging, but could not recall the brand name. Pure Branding solidified the visual identity across all SKUs.

Overview: Herb Pharm’s pervasive presence in the core natural’s medicine cabinet—nearing ubiquity as the brand of choice for liquid herbal extracts—was slowly slipping towards commodity. They needed a way to make their mark and own their space.

Challenge: Generally known as the “liquid extract in the little yellow bottle,” Herb Pharm’s visual equity was clear. Name recognition amongst core consumers, however, was practically nonexistent.

Solution: Step one was creating an identity system that moved Herb Pharm’s name from bland typography to memorable mark.

With the identity clarified for greater impact, Pure Branding moved to create a visual architecture that brought clarity to the disarray of Herb Pharm’s vast product line. Color coding, label hierarchy and product specification were employed across the entire brand, while maintaining the iconic little yellow bottle and allowing the brand name to show through.

The repositioning allowed Herb Pharm to increase growth in a shrinking category.

Pure Branding created a new logo while maintaining the visual equities of the old.

Brochure highlights the source for the extracts to help consumers make the connection.